Naša destilerija eteričnog ulja smilja (english)

Naša destilerija eteričnog ulja smilja (english)

We produce youngplants of Helichrysum italicum , and have our own plantation and destilery. Together with our subcontractors we are over 100 hectares and growing. Plantations are placed on «virgin» hills – rocky hills crushed to powder, providing soil free of any pollution. With plenty of sun (2290 hours of sunshine) , quality plants and proffesional care of our experts Helichrysum italicum returns love by giving us «liquid gold» - essentian oil of highest quality.

Steam distillation method

Saturated steam pressured up to 0.5 bar, produced in a separate boiler, passes through the herbal mass, and collect aromatic substances. In a separate container with cold water condensation of water vapor takes place, creating a mixture of hydrolat and essential oil untill Florentine bottle, where separation of perfumed water and essential oil takes place.

Technical characteristics

  • capacity: 400 - 600 kg of masss per hour.
  • steam generator 500 kg/h
  • destilators 2 x 1500 lit
  • gas as an energy source


Distillery meets high standards  of essential oil production.

  • smiljara1Florentine bottle
  • uljaraCooling system
  • Steam generator
  • smiljaraBoiler
  • generatorSteam generator
  • smiljara All parts made of inox AISI 316


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